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Your Type Six EnneaThought for November 26th—

Sixes can express the essence of the healthy Seven by feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the boundless goodness of life. As a Six, how can you show your appreciation for your blessings? Perhaps you could celebrate without worrying about the future. Be sure to include an awareness of your anxieties as they can be your teachers, too.

Enneagram institute

Love your family, no matter the shape or size!!

This was created in response to “Home is not home without “mom & dad” posts going around. (I took the photo of the deer). While I appreciate the sentiment, not everyone is raised by a “mom & dad”… or even has parents that raise them….

Practice tolerance and compassion every day! It takes nothing from you but means everything to those that may be different or feel “different” in some way. We are more the same than we realize. :)

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